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Property Management

Graham Real Estate’s Property Management division operates a full professional property management service for upscale homeowners and commercial properties.


Sound management is an essential prerequisite of a secure, efficiently run property. Graham Real Estate Property Management has two Property Managers on hand with a combined total of thirty years experience. Their expertise along with our team of professionals will be committed to providing a distinctly high level of satisfaction to property owners and their tenants.

Property Management Package

  • Initial inspection and report on condition of property
  • Interface with tenants
  • Draw up and have leases signed
  • Collect rent and security deposits
  • Monthly inspections and reports of the condition of the property
  • Schedule periodic maintenance inspections of air conditioning, plumbing, generator plants, pools, fire and security equipment, and any other mechanical equipment as required
  • Maintenance and repair personnel on hand for general and emergency repairs
  • Organize quotations from two or more companies for any work that may be necessary
  • Arrange payment for services and invoices for general repairs, supplies, and staff
  • Payment of all expenses incurred by the property; maintenance fees, mortgages, property tax insurance
  • Supervise permanent staff when owners are not in residence, with surprise inspections to ensure the staff are working to your specifications
  • Prepare complete records with monthly statements of account
  • Prepare year end statement of income and expenses

All homes are unique and require tailored property management packages. Please call us today so we may meet with you to discuss your specifications, we will then be in a position to quote a monthly service fee. We can also offer specialized services for additional fees.

Specialized Service

  • Supervision of contract jobs, structural repairs and additions, interior design
  • Arrange transportation for guests, tenants and family members
  • Arrange recreational activities
  • Interviewing and training of permanent staff members
  • Inventory of residence
  • Ready home for hurricanes
  • Assist with private parties and other functions


One of the most important decisions investors will make is the selection of a commercial property management firm. A trained, experienced, creative, management team can obtain the maximum return on an asset by improving cash flow, retaining tenants, and increasing value. *With two certified home inspectors Graham Real Estate is in a unique position as each property can be assessed overall each month for maintenance and repair issues. Our experience ensures that any work that will be done to the property will supervised by our company using the knowledge and training that comes within this field. From simple plumbing problems to complicated roofing issues you are in competent hands with Graham Real Estate.

Attached is a list of the services Graham Real Estate will provide. These are negotiable and can be adjusted to suit the particular requirements of your property.

GRE Services

  • Management Planning - Analyze the business environment, set out a marketing strategy, and recommend how the client’s objectives can best be fulfilled
  • Marketing Programs - Develop and implement marketing programs that will improve the image of the property and ensure successful leasing
  • Market Rent Analysis - Provide analysis of the market
  • Reporting to Landlord - Prepare and circulate monthly financial reports showing both the current monthly figure and annual figure to date. Develop and monitor the property’s annual budget. Prepare and circulate monthly management reports.
  • Maintenance Programs - Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs.
  • Prepare specifications for all contracted work, obtain competitive bids, and supervise the project.
  • Coordination and supervision of on site employees and contractors*.
  • Monthly maintenance cost monitoring
  • Regular property inspection and evaluation*
  • Monthly statements to tenants
  • Rent collection
  • Cash management system to include investment return on rent collected

Testimonial from Commercial Landlord

“...management services have been to my and my colleagues’ entire satisfaction… efficient, conscientious and a pleasure to deal with we have stopped receiving complaints from tenants since they took over… paperwork is well prepared, reports and accounts are always delivered in a timely manner, responds to enquiries quickly.”

- ACH, Elsmere & Wharton

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