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There are two ways to list your property in the Bahamian real estate market.

One is to sign a MLS (Multiple Listing Service) agreement with a single real estate agency, granting only that company the selling rights to your property, usually for the period of one year. The other is to list the property with multiple agents. Both approaches can prove successful, depending on your objectives and the type of real estate you are placing on the market.

The MLS Agreement/Exclusive Listing

At Graham Real Estate, we advise sellers to sign a multiple listing agreement if their property meets the following criteria:

  • It is deemed appropriate for a specific market
  • You are committed to selling your property
  • The seller wishes to deal with ONE agent only
  • Maximize your exposure to the market – the market coverage you receive with an MLS listing agreement far reaches the exposure of an open listing
  • The seller wishes to build a working relationship with a skilled and efficient real estate advisor

As soon as you sign 'an exclusive' with us, selling your property becomes our top priority. Our talented team goes into action to design a marketing strategy that will be tailor-made for you.

Your Custom-Made Plan

Our approach to making a sale is unique to us, and has been developed in-house by our marketing specialists. It includes the following carefully thought out tactics:

  • Identifying Objectives. Setting goals and aligning expectations.
  • Defining a Strategy. Taking a detailed look at how we plan to sell your property.
  • Developing a Buyer Profile. A comprehensive description of the type of person or persons who are most likely to buy your property.
  • Establishing a Timeframe. Setting targets and deadlines for planned activities to occur.
  • Creating Selling Tools. A variety of multimedia advertising and marketing materials to showcase your property.
  • In-house Expertise. At Graham Real Estate we have an appraisal department and a home inspection department.

Additional Resources

Along with your customised marketing plan, we are pleased to offer you the following special services:

  • Priority Access. Your communications with our office are placed at the top of our list at all times, guaranteeing that our staff will be readily available to assist you.
  • Corporate Entertainment and Networking. We place a strong emphasis on these important sales tools.
  • Creative Services. We will respond to any listing changes and provide whatever creative input is needed throughout the selling process. The marketing strategy will be continuously adapted and refined as circumstances may dictate.
  • Regular Updates. You will receive timely reports on all activities concerning your listing.

The Downsides of Open Listings

The disadvantages of listing with multiple real estate companies can include:

  • Time Spent. You will likely find yourself covering the same issues over and over again as you describe your property to numerous agents, answer repeated questions and take many calls. Some sellers find dealing with multiple agents too time-consuming and tedious.
  • Agent Fatigue. If you have not signed an exclusive, your property will be just one of hundreds in an agent's portfolio. There is a risk that it will be marketed for only a short while and then be placed on the back burner.
  • The Sign Farm. Some potential buyers get put off or confused when they see a clutter of signs on a front lawn or empty lot. As a result, they may overlook your property.

We strongly encourage taking advantage of the MLS Listing Service, but whichever type of listing you choose, Graham Real Estate remains committed to guiding you every step of the way, taking the hassle out of the process and seeing the sale through.

To discuss which approach may be best for you, please call today for a consultation with one of our experts.

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