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Would you like to learn how to rent out your property in The Bahamas? What do you need to provide and what can you expect?
With the right broker and the right timing, your home can become a valuable cash-generating asset. We’re here to help you along the journey to decide if renting is the best choice.
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 "Always an advantage"

“It is always an advantage if you have a highly committed agent like Laura Kimble from Graham Real Estate. I found her to be someone I can trust and communicate with easily”

Bonny, Nassau, Bahamas

"Discuss the details"

“Be sure to discuss all the details upfront before signing a lease so you know that it will be a good fit for both you and the tenant. An experienced real estate agent can help you figure out these details.  I keep in frequent communication with my tenant which is very useful.”

D Knowles, Nassau, Bahamas


If you’re ready to rent out your property and start generating income, then we want to hear from you!  We’re here to guide you through the process and offer a committed service and personalized marketing plan.

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