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Old Fort Bay

The private gated community of Old Fort Bay is located in the western district of New Providence Island, on the northern shore next to Lyford Cay, about 10 miles from downtown Nassau. The exclusive Bahamas community offers all the amenities one could want such as 24 hour security, privacy, beach access, beach club, marina, parks, natural vegetation, and it is situated near restaurants, grocery stores, boutiques, and the Lyford Cay School.

It has one of the finest beaches in New Providence and is particularly appealing to boaters, as most properties feature canal frontage. Natural flora and fauna have been preserved to create an eco-friendly backdrop to the opulent architecture from Venetian villas, Bahamian colonial estates and palatial beachfront homes.

Old Fort is one of the most interesting country residences in The Bahamas is, in part, perhaps the oldest construction in the Islands. The Old Fort Bay Club started its life as a fort. It was built by the British sometime in the 1700s during a lawless moment in colonial history when the Crown spent enormous time and energy keeping pirates, privateers and buccaneers under control in this part of the world.

The Old Fort itself is now a private Old World-style restaurant, and clubhouse nestled under an ancient silk cotton tree and overlooking one of the most gorgeous stretches of beachfront in The Bahamas. The Old Fort building dates back to the 1700s, and its beautiful hand-painted murals and tiles, including Spanish azulejos, have been meticulously restored. Dinner on the veranda overlooking Old Fort Bay is a celebration of island living in every way. Here you can watch the red ripples of sunset on the ocean, under the warmth of the silk cotton tree, whilst savoring world-class cuisine.

Location: Western end of New Providence

Income level: $1mil net worth and up

Nationality: Mixed

  • predominantly European
  • North American
  • Canadian and Bahamian

Property prices: $1million - $20million+

Facilities include: * 24-hour security checkpoint * private members * club with dining facilities * private beach * children's playground

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