The Ultimate Guide to Selling Real Estate and Property in the Bahamas

Guides for Landlords

  • What does the process involve in The Bahamas?
  • Should I rent out my property?
  • What will I be responsible for providing?
  • What can I expect along the way?

Are you asking yourself any of the above questions? If so you are in the right place!

If done at the right time and with the right broker, renting your home can be a valuable asset that generates a regular income. We’re here to help you with the decision, if renting is right for you and we’ll guide you through a smooth and seamless real estate journey.

The full Graham Real Estate Team have combined all our years of knowledge, expertise and best professional experiences to bring you the ultimate guides for renting your home.

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Selling Your Property in The Bahamas

We’ve compiled a list of important questions to ask yourself before listing your home to rent, to ensure you’re completely prepared.

The perfect partnership...

Here we provide all the information needed about viewings, listings, tenants, terms and leases so you have clear expectations and fully understand what will be involved in becoming a landlord.

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What Our Landlords Say...

“It is always an advantage if you have a great agent like Laura Kimble from Graham Real Estate. I found her to be someone I can trust & communicate with easily”

Bonny, Nassau, Bahamas


“Be sure to discuss all the details up front before signing a lease so you know that it will be a good fit for both you and the tenant -  an experienced real estate agent can help you figure out these details.  I have a whats-app chat and keep in frequent communication with my tenant which is very useful.””.

D Knowles, Nassau, Bahamas

The Next Steps

If you’re ready to rent your property and start generating income we want to hear from you!

We realize that no one person or property are ever the same; so we’re waiting to guide you through the process and offer you a dedicated service and personalized marketing plan

If you still feel you need more information or have some queries we want to hear from you as well – no question is too silly – if it’s important to you, it’s important to us!


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