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Property Management
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Operations, Property & Accounts Manager

Since joining Graham Real Estate in 2013, Sophia has become fully proficient in the property management field. Sophia has proved herself to be extremely hard-working and diligent with a keen eye for detail. She understands the need to maintain properties at the highest standard and consistently satisfies clients. Her knowledge of basic mechanical and maintenance repair work has proven invaluable to the job. She has experience in dealing with contractors and other suppliers both locally and internationally.

Property Management Associate

Esther joined Graham Real Estate in 2016 to provide administrative support for the office management, marketing, and sales teams. She brings 17 years of experience in the hospitality industry where she held top management positions with a strong background in accounts and customer service. Together with Sophia, she coordinates and carries out the daily operations of the property management portfolio.

Founder & Broker

Greg is a member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association with 29 years of experience in the industry. Greg’s extensive industry knowledge and geography of Nassau make him one of the most qualified brokers on the island. His success comes from his strong family values, a passion for his home and his roots, uncompromising integrity, and an impeccable work ethic. Greg is well-connected in the business community and instills the utmost confidence in clients with his discretion and professionalism. 

Property Management Associate

Charles has courageously accepted every task/ challenge thrown his way and crushed the expectations set by his colleagues and clients. Charles is very well-versed in property management and is always seeking to learn. We can assure you that if he doesn't have the answer, he will find the most efficient one! He has learned so much in such a short space of time from the brilliant property manager, Sophia Porras. We believe it is safe to say that he has a bright future!


One of the most important decisions investors of commercial property will make is the selection of a management firm. A trained, experienced, creative management team can obtain the maximum return on an asset by improving cash flow, retaining tenants, and increasing value.

Here is the list of services that Graham Real Estate proudly offers. They are negotiable and can be adjusted to suit the particular requirements of your property.

Management Planning

To analyze the business environment, set out a marketing strategy and recommend how your objectives can best be fulfilled.

Marketing Programs

To develop and implement marketing programs that will improve the image of the property and ensure successful leasing.

Market Rent Analysis

Provide analysis of market rentals and those of the competition, changes in area demographics, and anticipated absorption levels.

Documented Procedures

To establish documented procedures to ensure compliance with all government statutes and administrative regulations, along with fire, health, and safety codes.

Tenant Relations

Attentive to tenant’s needs and responsive to their concerns immediately. Background investigation check of the history of potential clients to ensure a high-quality tenant suitable for the property.

Purchasing Procedures

To purchase all equipment, supplies, contracted building services, and insurance coverage. Monthly reconciliation and payment of operating expenses.

Rent Collection

Monthly statements issued to tenants. Payments collected from tenants. A cash management system to include investment return on rental collected. Evictions when necessary.

Lease Negotiation

All tenant leases and renewals. Current lease abstraction and analysis. Regularize leasing arrangements and ensure all rental payments remain current.


Reporting to Landlord

Prepare and circulate monthly financial reports showing both the current monthly and annual figures to date. Develop and monitor the property’s annual budget and if necessary, inform you of any adjustments and explanations why they may be needed. Prepare and circulate monthly management reports.

Maintenance Programs

Develop and implement preventive maintenance programs. Prepare specifications for all contracted work, obtain competitive bids, and supervise the project(s). Coordination and supervision of on-site employees and contractors. Monthly maintenance cost monitoring. Regular property inspection and evaluation.


Professional management is an essential prerequisite for secure, efficiently run properties. Graham Real Estate Property Management operates a comprehensive professional service to homeowners. Our team of professionals is committed to providing peace of mind and satisfaction to property owners and their tenants.

Here is the list of services that Graham Real Estate proudly offers. These are negotiable and can be adjusted to suit the particular requirements of your property.


  • Initial inspection and report on the condition of the property
  • Collect rent and security deposits
  • Interface with tenants
  • Plan and coordinate the moving in and moving out of tenants
  • Draft and have leases executed
  • Schedule periodical maintenance inspections of the air-conditioning, plumbing, electrical, generator plants, pool, security, landscaping, and anything else that may be needed
  • Maintenance personnel on hand for general or emergency repairs
  • Arrange payment of monthly services and any invoices for general repairs, supplies, permanent or part-time staff
  • Prepare complete records with monthly statements of account
  • Prepare a year-end statement of income and expenses
  • Organize quotations from two or more companies for any extra work that may be necessary
  • Monthly inspections and reports on the condition of the property
  • Payment of all expenses incurred by the property; maintenance fees, mortgages, property tax, insurance, etc.
  • Supervise permanent staff when owners are not in residence
  • Receipt and forwarding of mail

Specialized Services

  • Supervision of contract jobs, structural repairs, interior design, or additions
  • Arrange transportation for guests, tenants, and family members
  • Arrange recreational activities
  • Inventory of residence
  • Prepare your home for hurricanes


All homes are unique and we offer tailored management packages for each property. Please contact us so we can discuss your specifications and our fee structure.

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